For an all-time updated version of my publication list and citations, please see my scholar profile, many of these papers are available through my researchgate profile.

(updated 01/11/2023)

Some publications I am particularly happy about :)

A review of what I want to do with my career, with tons of friends and collaborators I admire J Cerca, et al Evolutionary genomics of oceanic island radiations Trends in Ecology & Evolution

A crazy-big genome, which we managed to get as chromosome-resolved >3GB, 80% repeated J. Cerca, (24 authors), J. H. Leebens-Mack, L. Rieseberg, M. D. Martin 2022 The genomic basis of the plant island syndrome in Darwin’s giant daisies Nature Communications

My first published genome! J. Cerca, E. E. Armstrong, J. Vizueta, R. Fernández, D. Dimitrov, B. Petersen, S. Prost, J. Rozas, D. Petrov, R. G. Gillespie 2021 The Tetragnatha kauaiensis genome sheds light on spider genome evolution, Genome Biology and Evolution

My contribution to ichthyological adaptive radiations W. Sowersby^, J. Cerca^, B. B. M. Wong, T. K. Lehtonen, D. G. Chapple, M. Leal-Cardín, M. Barluenga, M. Ravinet Pervasive admixture and the spread of a large-lipped form in a cichlid fish radiation Molecular Ecology ; ^ denotes co-first authorship

A benchmarking paper which substantially improves RADseq datasets J. Cerca^, M. F. Maurstad^, N. C. Rochette, A. G. Rivera-Colón, N. Rayamajhi, J. Catchen, T. H. Struck 2021 Removing the bad apples: A simple bioinformatic method to improve loci‐recovery in de novo RADseq data for non‐model organisms Methods in Ecology and Evolution; ^ - equal contribution

A paper showing the oldest cryptic species complex we know, transforming our knowledge of rates of morphological evolution J. Cerca, C. Meyer, D. Stateczny, D: Siemon, J. Wegbrod, G. Purschke, D. Dimitrov, T.H. Struck 2020 Deceleration of morphological evolution in a cryptic species complex and its link to paleontological stasis Evolution

My MSc thesis J. Cerca, A. Agudo, S. Castro, A. Afonso, I. Alvarez, R. Torices 2019 Fitness benefits and costs of floral advertising traits: insights from rayed and rayless phenotypes of Anacyclus (Asteraceae) American journal of botany