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Invited Talks (c - conference, d - department seminar)

  1. d J. Cerca, T.H. Struck Cryptic species in Evolutionary Biology and Systematics - California Academy of Sciences, SF-USA
  2. d J. Cerca, T.H. Struck Cryptic as evolutionary phenomena - Uppsala, Sweden
  3. c J. Cerca, C. Meyer, G. Purschke, T.H. Struck Perhaps not so cosmopolitan. Biogeographical evidence, incidence of cryptic species, population connectivity and evidence of morphological stasis in the interstitial annelid Stygocapitella subterranea – BioSyst.EU Meeting - Gothenburg, Sweden

Talks (c - conference, d - department seminar)

  1. c J. Cerca, T.H. Struck Sequencing ghosts: how genomics is helping us understand biological diversity and solve the cryptic species problem – EMPSEB (European Meeting PhD Student in Evolutionary Biology) c
  2. c J. Cerca, M. Ravinet, J. Catchen, A. Rivera-Colón, T.H. Struck – New Tools for Old Problems: Population Genomics and Biogeographical Inference of the Stygocapitella subterranea Cryptic Species Complex (Annelida: Parergodrillidae) – GIGA iii (Global Invertebrate Genomics Alliance)
  3. c J. Cerca, T.H. Struck – Four ways to be cryptic – ForBio annual meeting
  4. c J. Cerca, T.H. Struck – Cryptic species at the crossroads of systematics, ecology, evolutionary biology and paleobiology – 19th Young Systematics Forum
  5. c J. Cerca de Oliveira, C. Meyer, G. Purschke, T. H. Struck - The enigmatic case of morphological stasis in the marine annelid Stygocapitella subterranea: biogeographical and morphological evidence – VI ForBio Annual Meeting
  6. c S. Leal, J. Vieira, J. Cerca de Oliveira, J. Gričar, I. Chaves, C. Miguel - A proteomic approach to the study of the phenology of cambial activity in Larix decídua – Eurodendro (International Scientific Conference on Dendrochronology Climate and Human History in the Mediterranean Basin)
  7. c J. Cerca de Oliveira, A. Agudo, I. Alvaréz, S. Castro, A. Afonso, R. Torices - Don’t count your chickens before they hatch: Pollinator attraction, female reproductive success and fitness consequences of rayed and rayless phenotypes – IV Congreso Ibérico de Ecología

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